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About Us, Why buy watch batteries here?

We are a high volume seller and stock all of the items that we list on our website. Selling more than 20,000 watch batteries per month, our inventory is always the freshest. We simply don't have batteries in our inventory more than two months. Our goal is complete satisfaction.

Returns are easy, just let us know. We will make it right.

Located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we ship orders every day. We use mostly first Class mail from the US Postal Service. Orders typically arrive in 1-2 days on the east coast and 3-7 days to the central US and West.

Your search for quality watch batteries fast at low prices is over.

Let us tell you why.

You are already here.

We have your battery in stock (We carry over 70 types and 2 brands, it is a rare battery we don't carry. Let us help you cross reference the numbers).

The terms are clear. (No minimum order, Free shipping on $5 orders, volume discounts)

The prices are great. (For Swiss quality Renata or Internationally renowned Energizer)

Just click order. (all the batteries are listed on the same page)

Checkout. (We use only secure encrypted shopping cart to transmit your payment)

It takes 2 minutes... (or less)

And in a few days your batteries will arrive in the mail.

Why stop at SwatchBattery.com and place an order? Even if you might find a battery for a few cents cheaper five websites away, (Which we doubt) Your time is worth more than a few pennies. Doesn't that make sense? Shop Now Go ahead. Read what over 30,000 REAL buyers have said about our service.


PLEASE USE THE WEBSITE TO PLACE AN ORDER Try to find any phone number on most other websites. If the previous did not convince you, here are some more great reasons

We really believe we have the best bottom line (including shipping) prices for quality watch batteries.

PRODUCT - we carry two of the top makers of batteries with solid reputations in the industry. We do not sell substandard knock off batteries. The names Renata and Energizer are trusted by watchmakers and jewelers millions of times a year.

VOLUME - we have a huge inventory with hundreds of batteries, our online cross reference guide will help you find what you need. Our selection ranges from common batteries to rare hard to find capacitors for Citizen and Seiko kinetic watches.

FRESHNESS - due to constant turnover we can GUARANTEE the freshest batteries in the market.

NO MINIMUM PURCHASE - you can buy one battery or one hundred, we do not require a minimum purchase.

SAME OR NEXT DAY SHIPPING - once you place your order with us, it is almost always filled and shipped the same or next day. You will be amazed how quickly you have your batteries.

NO HIDDEN SHIPPING CHARGES - how many times have you filled an entire form to buy an item, clicked on screen after screen, only to find an unreasonably high shipping charge?? What is your time worth?? At swatchbattery.com our honest flat rate of $1.99 for domestic and $2.99 for international orders informs you UP FRONT what your costs will be. We recognize that some companies offer free shipping, but compare their single battery prices to ours and you will find that we are a better deal.

BEST PRICES - we offer great prices on single batteries and discounts of lots of ten batteries of the same kind. Nobody can beat our prices for quality batteries.

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Nope. Drug stores, electronics stores, supermarkets really do only pay .30c-75c per battery and then sell them for $3.99-5.99. They know you need the battery for your device, and they hope you don't know about us and their little secret.